Is Panim Hadashot a Synagogue?

How we are not like a synagogue?
  • By focusing on Shabbat Home Hospitality, we serve the entire Jewish community.
  • We help other synagogues to build their hospitality and community singing cultures.
  • We reach out to underserved Jews and Jewish communities.
  • We are intentionally non-denominational.
  • We invite people to subscribe, not to join.
  • We support multiple Jewish affiliations including synagogue membership.
  • We seek to transcend the musical/singing limitations of synagogues.
  • We do not have a building and have no plans to build one.
  • We focus on doing Shabbat in peoples homes.
  • We love to think outside the box.
How are we like a synagogue?
  • We are led by a rabbi.
  • Our rabbi provides life cycle support.
  • We hold religious services, albeit not every week.
  • We hold High Holiday services.
  • We provide adult and family education.
  • We put a great emphasis on collective Jewish singing.
  • We believe that community is a very good thing.
So what do you think? Are we a synagogue or are we not a synagogue. Send your answers to Rabbi Gartenberg so he can post them on the Forum at dov @