Alternative Erev Simchat Torah Celebration: A Seder to Honor the Torah

A Unique and Engaging Approach to Simchat Torah focused around a festival seder and engaging conversation about the meaning of Torah in our lives.

Join me for a Unique Seder Simchat Torah in which we celebrate and explore the meaning of Torah in our lives.  Join us for a festival dairy potluck meal at which we discuss the questions of

  • What is Torah?
  • How do we understand Torah in the 21st century?
  • What key Torah ideas present challenges to us?
  • How do we renew Torah in our complex lives?

This will be a stimulating intellectual evening, a different way to give honor to the Torah.

CLICK HERE to select a dish for the meal.

Interactive Torah Service

Led by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg.  We will share a traditional anchored Torah and Haftarah reading but with significant time allotted to exploration and discussion of the meaning of sacred texts.  Rabbi Gartenberg shares insights and asks thought provoking questions about the portion of the week at intentionally planned pauses in the reading.  The hope is that the readings will come alive and insights will flow.

This event is free and all are welcome.

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