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I No Longer Believe in the Jewish State by Peter Beinart Posted in the NY Times, July 9, 2020 This article is worth reading because Peter Beinart is a very influential liberal American Jewish critic of Israel's policies. While I am still a retro believer in the Two State Solution, ...continue reading "Linkages: Passing On Good Writing for Your Reflection"

From Israel to SE Alaska I picked up a young man named Joel in the University District who was loaded with gear. As it turned out he was on his way to Southeast Alaska to work as a counselor on a wilderness program for troubled teens. The teens, he told ...continue reading "Tales of the Lyfter Rebbe, Monday, Feb 25, 2019"

I am dismayed by the polarizing decisions made recently by the Israeli government concerning Nashot Hakotel (Women of the Wall) and on conversion.   Please read this editorial piece by Lesley Sachs of Nashot Hakotel. NYTimes: Jewish Women vs. The Jewish State I had the opportunity to hear Lesley Sachs in ...continue reading "A Time to Act: In Support of Women of the Wall"