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Our Objectives Milestone 1: Signup at least 18 subscribers a month starting October 2018 for a total of 54 subscribers by 12/31/18. Milestone 2: Achieve a revenue flow from subscriptions of at least $2500 a month to help us continue to support Shabbat Hospitality all around Seattle. As of Sunday, ...continue reading "Panim Hadashot Fall Subscription Campaign Update, December 2, 2018, Erev Hanukkah"

Each night of Hanukkah I am posing a question for discussion, Each of these questions is included in an original Hanukkah Seder I composed in collaboration with the chef, Emily Moore . We will be doing the Hanukkah Seder on Friday night, December 7, 2018 at the WeWork Center in ...continue reading "A Question for the Second Day of Hanukkah and Update on Our Fall Subscription Drive"