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The Questions posed are part of Rabbi Gartenberg's Hanukkah Seder. For a copy, write to him at Dipping for the 6th Question: Dip roasted. garlic bread in a special mixed oil of with cinnamon, cumin, Fresh green chile. Effect   An initial sweet and savory taste followed by the chile's ...continue reading "A Question for the 6th Night of Hanukkah: Were the Maccabees Heroes or Zealots?"

Why did some Jews choose to die for God? The Maccabean revolt is the first appearance of martyrdom in the history of religion. The most vivid story of Martyrdom we tell below.  As we explore this question at the Hanukkah Seder, we dip rosemary bread into an oil mixed with ...continue reading "The Question of the Fourth Night: When is it Necessary to Die for God? The Jewish Teachings on Martyrdom"

What Was the Cause of the Jewish Revolt Against Antiochus? At the Hanukkah Seder we dip Lavash into burnt Almond Oil upon asking this question and the presentation of this ancient text. "Moreover, King Antiochus wrote to his whole kingdom, that all should be one people. And everyone should leave ...continue reading "A Question for the Third Night of Hanukkah"