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What We Do

  1. We Share Shabbat Meals as a Portal to Jewish Life and Community. At the synagogue, the worship service is the main portal into Jewish life. At Panim Hadashot, our sole focus is the shared Shabbat meal as a way to experience the joy of Jewish life and to experience community.  The shared Sabbath meal is a great repository of Jewish culture, music, and, spirituality, and is an ideal context for connection with others. 
  2. We Elevate the Shabbat Meal Gathering with the Riches of Jewish Culture:  Our innovation is to collaborate with hosts through our "Shabbat Animators" who join them in their home to elevate a home Shabbat gathering with music, song, Jewish learning, storytelling, or conversation.  
  3. We Revive the Tradition of Singing Together on Shabbat: Singing together is a central part of Jewish and Shabbat culture.  We have formed a special ensemble that makes it easy for people to sing by sharing old and new Jewish melodies accompanied by live instrumental music.    
  4. We Cultivate Home Shabbat Hosting: Our "Anchor Hosts" are experienced Shabbat hosts, who hold home Shabbat Experiences  in collaboration with Panim Hadashot.  These are rich Shabbat experiences characterized by generous Shabbat hospitality of our hosts.     
  5. We Offer Shabbat Hospitality.  We welcome people to join us for our frequent shared and  intimate Shabbat meals hosted by Rabbi Gartenberg and others organized around topics, singing circles, or occasional guest teachers. Each gathering is unique, featuring singing, learning, storytelling, or discussion of a timely topic.  

Are you interested in hosting? Are you interested in coming to a Panim Hadashot Shabbat? Are you interested in learning how to become a Shabbat host? See the signup below and we'll help you to discover or rediscover the joy of Shabbat Hospitality.