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From Israel to SE Alaska I picked up a young man named Joel in the University District who was loaded with gear. As it turned out he was on his way to Southeast Alaska to work as a counselor on a wilderness program for troubled teens. The teens, he told ...continue reading "Tales of the Lyfter Rebbe, Monday, Feb 25, 2019"

A key part of our Home Shabbat Experience that Panim Hadashot offers is the presence of a 'Shabbat Animator'.  A Shabbat Animator "animates"-brings alive the experience of Shabbat at home.  Rabbi Dov Gartenberg is our lead Shabbat Animator. He has a mastery of Shabbat table music and folksongs. As a ...continue reading "What is a Shabbat Animator?"

We are happy to announce our Out of the Box Panim Hadashot Home Shabbat Experiences for January-February 2019.  This is a unique service of Panim Hadashot that gives you an opportunity to host a great Shabbat experience in your home or community room. Invite a group or friends, family, and ...continue reading "Our Out of the Box Home Shabbat Experiences for Prospective Shabbat Hosts, January-February 2019"

8 Questions and 8 Dipping’s of the Hanukkah Seder by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg   1st Dipping: What was the miracle of Hanukah? A Debate within Judaism A piece of winter bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil Effect: Tasting olive oil, the central food of Hanukkah 2nd Dipping How was ...continue reading "A Brief Description of the Questions and Dippings of Rabbi Gartenberg’s Hanukkah Seder"

  The Questions posed are in this series of blog posts are part of Rabbi Gartenberg's Hanukkah Seder. For a copy, write to him at Question for the 8th Night:  What is the historical legacy of Hanukkah? Dipping for the 8th Question: Dip a piece of sweet, fruity bread into a ...continue reading "A Question for the 8th Night of Hanukkah: What Does Hanukkah Have to Teach Us in Our Times"