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Our Team

Our Team

Panim Hadashot-New Faces supports hosts in their homes with persons skilled at presiding over a Shabbat table and who have special talents to share at a Shabbat gathering. Our name for Shabbat leaders is “Shabbat Animators”. Our Shabbat Animators “animate”, bring vitality to Shabbat home gatherings with live music, group singing, interactive study, or timely discussion. Our team of Shabbat Animators includes a Rabbi, Song Leaders, Story Tellers, Musicians, and Jewish Educators.   Below are the names of a few of our Shabbat Animators.

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg is the Convener and Director of Panim Hadashot-New Faces.  Rabbi Dov has been practicing Shabbat and Jewish hospitality from his college days.  He loves to convene people to experience Shabbat joy, singing together, learning together, and improving the world.  Leading Panim Hadashot-New Faces is a dream come true.

Rabbi Dov coined the term Shabbat Animator in 2008 and trained a cohort of Shabbat Animators in Long Beach, California to encourage Shabbat Hospitality. Rabbi Gartenberg will be training a new cohort of Shabbat Animators from song leaders to story tellers over the next year.  Currently Rabbi Gartenberg is the main Shabbat Animator for Panim Hadashot.

Ari Joshua Zucker

Ari is one of the main Ensemble Leaders for the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble.  Ari was born in Cape Town, South Africa and grew up in Seattle where he received his Jewish education at the Seattle Hebrew Academy and Congregation Beth Shalom. Rabbi Gartenberg was Ari’s teacher and officiated at his Bar Mitzvah.  Ari Joshua graduated in 2001 with a degree in Jazz and Contemporary music from The New School in New York City. Since graduating from college Ari has taught literally thousands of music lessons to people of all ages, styles, and skill levels at his music school, The Music Factory.  He is respected performer and band member in the Seattle jazz scene.

Daniel Salka

Daniel Salka is a new Heart of Shabbat Ensemble Leader.  Daniel grew up at Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle.  He also grew up an active pianist/keyboardist on the Seattle music scene. Born and raised in Seattle, Daniel attended Roosevelt High School and studied jazz performance at the University of Washington.

Chava Mirel

Seattle-based Chava Mirel is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who combines rich, luxurious vocals with deep pocket rhythms to bring a new sound to Jewish music. With themes of gratitude, self-acceptance, balance and responsibility for each other, Chava’s songs bring comfort and uplift the spirit.

Heart of Shabbat Ensemble

The Heart of Shabbat Ensemble was formed by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg in 2016 to create moving and beautiful participatory Shabbat experiences in the home and in the community through live music and community singing.

The Heart of Shabbat Ensemble builds on the two-thousand-year-old repertoire of Shabbat table singing in Jewish communities all over the world.  Our specialty is Shabbat music, niggunim, z’mirot (more elaborate Shabbat table hymns), and Shirim (shorter songs coming from the Jewish Bible or liturgy). We also have built up a large repertoire of Israeli folk and new Jewish music.

The ensemble loves to encourage group singing which is a great Shabbat table tradition.  Singing together is a powerful way to connect to others. Our music then is not a mere entertainment, but is an expression of ‘oneg shabbat’, the joy of Shabbat that distinguishes it from all other days.