Shabbat Singing and Niggun Circle

Shabbat Singing and Niggun Circle

Hug Nigunei Shabbat

This circle is for people who want to learn or expand the treasure house of Shabbat table music and other Jewish songs that can be sung around the Shabbat table. By bringing people together with this common interest we can enhance each other’s Shabbat tables and disseminate our beautiful folk music to others.  Members of the circle are also invited to sing with the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble at our Musical Shabbat Table Events to share Shabbat table music around Seattle.

Who would like this Hug

  • People who love to sing
  • People who love the Jewish songbook
  • People who would like to meet other Jewish people through the magical way of singing together
  • People who love or are curious about Shabbat

When do we meet:  On the 4th Saturday of the month at Rabbi Gartenberg’s Shabbat table. All members are will be on the invitation list for our Musical Shabbat Tables and can choose to join the ensemble at his/her convenience.

How do I join: Fill out the brief profile

What is the cost: $54 every six months.  The contribution helps us to pay for guest teachers and leaders.