New Faces Circle

New Faces Circle: Hug Panim Hadashot

The New Faces Hug is a unique social group which aims to build friendships and connections by sharing Shabbat meals together and exploring Shabbat spirituality for our lives. New Faces, Panim Hadashot in Hebrew, is our organization’s name. It is also a name for Shabbat in the Jewish mystical tradition.

Building on Panim Hadashot-New Faces’ mission to revitalize Shabbat hospitality, members of the New Faces Circle are invited to our Musical Shabbat Table events and are also invited to host a host a Shabbat meal. Members of the circle can request to be mentored by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, the Convener of Panim Hadashot, in the skills of hosting a Shabbat meal at home culminating in an event in their home with the circle members.

Who is the New Faces Circle designed for

  • Anyone who is curious about Shabbat spirituality as a way to reduce stress, cultivate meaningful relationships, and explore Jewish tradition.
  • Anyone interested in learning to host a Shabbat meal at his/her/their home and practice hospitality.
  • Anyone who would like to experience Shabbat meals in homes and in the community.
  • Anyone who is new to Seattle and wants to meet other Jewish people in the context of Shabbat
  • Anyone who is new to Judaism and is interested in becoming familiar with Shabbat practice and hospitality.
  • Intercultural couples (Jew and non-Jew) who want to explore the role Shabbat could play in their lives.

The New Faces Circle runs for six months, meeting as a group once a month with Rabbi Dov as we explore Shabbat. Our reading will be A.J. Heschel’s classic, The Sabbath.   The members of the circle will determine the meeting times.

The New Faces Circle reflects a pluralistic and egalitarian (liberal as opposed to Orthodox) view of Shabbat and is accepting of different personal identification.

When will the New Faces Circle Begin:  May 2018.

How do join: Please fill out a brief profile HERE.  The cost is $60.

Cost: $60 per person ($10 a month). Free for annual subscribers to Panim Hadashot-New Faces.  Click HERE for information about subscription.