Reserve a Musical Shabbat Table at your Home


Dear Prospective Host,

The first step of having a Musical Shabbat Table at your home or community room with the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble and Rabbi Gartenberg is to reserve a date on the calendar.

This calendar lists the open dates by Shabbat time zone, either a Friday evening Shabbat meal, a Shabbat early afternoon lunch, or a Saturday evening end of Shabbat meal culminating in Havdallah (The Shabbat ending ritual).*  The Heart of Shabbat Ensemble is available wherever you see a time listed on any given Shabbat.  The date is the most important because we can adjust the timing to your needs.

When you reserve the date and fill in your information, we will receive a notification.  Rabbi Gartenberg or a member of the Panim Hadashot team will respond to you within three days.

  • timing varies by the season since Havdallah can only be done after nightfall on Saturday night)




Rabbi Dov Gartenberg