About Shabbat Hospitality Partnerships

Panim Hadashot-New Faces[ Shabbat Hospitality Partnership Program recruits hosts all over Seattle and the East Side to hold Shabbat events in their homes, centered around the practice of Shabbat hospitality.

We encourage our hosts to invite their family, friends to a Shabbat meal at their home.  We bring to the homes of our hosts our unique Heart of Shabbat Ensemble , a special collaboration of Rabbi Dov Gartenberg and jazz musicians conversant in the Jewish songbook.

The ensemble shares a rich repertoire of Jewish music, invites everyone to sing, and sprinkles Jewish teachings along the musical path.  We also bring a couple of “new faces” to share in the Shabbat hospitality of the hosts.  The combination of gracious hosts, happy guests, new faces, and an amazing ensemble make for an especially memorable Shabbat experience marked by rich Jewish music, vibrant group singing, engaging storytelling, and stimulating Jewish learning.

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Questions, Contact our Convener, Rabbi Dov Gartenberg at 206 257-1996 or dov@panimhadashot.org.