How the Musical Shabbat Table at Home Works

How to Bring a Musical Shabbat Table to Your Home

What is a Musical Shabbat Table? Panim Hadashot-New Faces’ Musical Shabbat Table, is a modern adaptation of the Hasidic Tish.  It features singing of new and old Shabbat melodies; it is joyful, participatory, egalitarian, for all ages, and fun. The Musical Shabbat Table experience is made by our Heart of Shabbat Ensemble, a collaboration between a rabbi and jazz musicians to bring to you beautiful Jewish music, vibrant singing, and inspiring Torah.

How to Host a Musical Shabbat Table at my Home? It’s simple. Find an open Friday evening, Saturday evening, or Saturday lunchtime on your schedule and check our calendar for open dates when the ensemble is available to come to your home. We have done Musical Shabbat Tables with hosts from diverse backgrounds, from those who have never hosted a Shabbat gathering at their home, to practiced hosts who are looking to have a unique Shabbat experience.

What We Ask Hosts to Do:  First, invite at least 10 guests among your circle of family and friends. Ten or more is the magical number for us to create the ambiance for singing and social interaction. Second, organize a shared meal. We recommend making the meal as easy as possible, either a potluck or take out. We only ask that the meal be vegetarian, dairy, or pescatarian to keep some modicum of Jewish dietary laws.

What Panim Hadashot Does. We do two things. We bring the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble which will create a beautiful evening Jewish music, song, and the richness of Jewish culture and teachings.  The ensemble brings songbooks, song sheets, and dozens of songs to sing. We also bring a small number of new faces, people we know who are new to Seattle or who want to sing with the ensemble, or who are themselves learning more about how to do Shabbat. One of our goals is to facilitate hospitality and exposure to doing Shabbat at home. Bringing new faces is a key way we accomplish our mission

  • Is There a Charge?  We do not charge our hosts. We want to encourage bring Shabbat home and practicing generous hospitality. We are passionately committed to bringing people together to experience the beauty of Sabbath fellowship and celebration. Of course, Panim Hadashot is sustained by donors and donations, so we hope you will be moved to give a donation for our efforts at       Donations help us to extend our reach.

To reserve a date for your Musical Shabbat Table: Click HERE to get started.  If you have any further questions, call our Shabbat Convener, Rabbi Dov Gartenberg at 206 739-9924 or dov @ Check out our website at