Musical Shabbat Table

The Musical Shabbat Table is a signature program of Panim Hadashot-New Faces.

The Musical Shabbat Table is a modern adaptation of the Hasidic Tish when the Hasidim would sing melodies in chorus in front of their Rebbe. Our version is egalitarian, is for all ages, features joyful singing of new and old Sabbath melodies led by our unique Heart of Shabbat Ensemble and its talented jazz musicians led by Ari Joshua and Rabbi Dov Gartenberg. The Musical Shabbat Table is a joyful, soulful, and uplifting Shabbat experience built on hospitality and a spiritual vision of the Sabbath.

Panim Hadashot-New Faces offers the Musical Shabbat Table in two venues.

The first venue for the Musical Shabbat Table is in our communal space in Greenwood in North Seattle  every third Friday and on occasion at other locations.  The Community Musical Shabbat Table is open to the public and can accommodate as many as 40 persons. It also is child friendly, and affordable.

The other venue for the Musical Shabbat Table  is your home or your community room.  We love to bring this unique Shabbat experience to share with your family, friends, and new faces.  We do this because we love Shabbat, have a passion for hospitality, and the power of music to bring people together.

Please click HERE to fill out a brief form to request to host a Musical Shabbat Table. This will get the ball rolling.

If you are ready to reserve a date for your Musical Shabbat Table, go to this WEBPAGE to sign up for a date and Shabbat time.  Musical Shabbat Tables can take place Friday evening, early Saturday afternoon, or late Saturday afternoons or evening.

We encourage you to read the other pages about the Musical Shabbat Table which will help you to get a fuller picture of what this wonderful event could be with you as host. Also, feel free to contact our Convener, Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, with questions about the Musical Shabbat Table  at dov @ or 206 739-9924.