Shabbat Hospitality

I invite you to do a mitzvah. We will help you do it.

Shabbat hospitality is an ancient Jewish practice that is one of the most precious features of the Jewish way of life. One of the distinguishing features of Judaism is the view that the home is a sanctuary of holiness, hospitality, and humanity.

As ‘Convener’ for Panim Hadashot-New Faces, I recruit Jews all over Seattle to host their family and friends in their home for a Sabbath meal.  We team up with the hosts to bring to the meal our unique Heart of Shabbat Ensemble composed of jazz musicians and a singing rabbi who share a mix of music, singing, storytelling, and Torah study for a beautiful and authentic experience of a moving home celebration of Shabbat. In the spirit of our name, we bring with us a few “new faces” to enjoy the hospitality of our hosts.  The mix of new faces, friends, and the ensemble fosters fellowship and a sense of intimate and sacred community that is one of the most beautiful features of our tradition.

I invite you to host.  We call our hosts, Shabbat Hospitality Partners.  By partnering with hosts, we hope to revitalize Shabbat hospitality among secular, cultural, and liberal religious Jews in the Seattle area. Whether you are an experienced Shabbat host or someone who has never hosted or marked Shabbat in your home, we believe that this experience will be memorable and inspiring. By hosting we hope that you will be moved to do more Shabbat hospitality.

A jazz ensemble that brings live Jewish music and inspires joyful group singing in a home setting on Shabbat is a very new idea for a very old practice.  Jews have thrived over the generations by putting new wine in old barrels.

We don’t charge our hosts to bring the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble to your homes. Of course, we welcome donations or subscriptions if you love this idea and want to help us reach more households to bring the joy of Shabbat hospitality.

You can learn more about Shabbat Hospitality Partnerships and about our other programs at our website,  Click on the tab Shabbat Hospitality.  All the information you need to host a Shabbat event in your home or community room (if you live in an apartment) is there.  You can even reserve online a Friday evening, Shabbat day, a Havdallah, or a festival event. I will contact you to confirm and help you put together your Shabbat event.

And it’s a mitzvah.

Feel free to contact me directly at or 206 257-1996 with any questions.

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Convener, Panim Hadashot-New Faces