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Shabbat Hosting with Panim Hadashot

There are three parts to a Panim Hadashot home Shabbat:


We encourage you to invite your circle of family and friends to your Shabbat gathering. We respect your preferences for the size of the gathering, but we recommend a minimum of 10 guests.

We also encourage hosts to make room for a small number of “new faces.” These are people beyond your immediate circle who you would like to extend Shabbat hospitality. Panim Hadashot can also help you to invite a few new faces.


You can choose how to share the Shabbat meal based on your preferences. Some hosts are comfortable with a potluck, other hosts prefer to prepare the meal for their guests. Panim Hadashot will support you whatever your preferred format.


We bring your gathering to life through music, singing, Torah, and storytelling, provided by our Shabbat Animators!

You choose which Shabbat Animators you'd like to come to your gathering based on what kind of Shabbat you want to create. Some of our animators are prepared to create an experience for young families, while others focus more on adults. You can choose an evening organized around music or song, or an evening focused on conversation and Torah.

You can learn more about our Shabbat Animators here.

Invite Panim Hadashot to Your Shabbat!

We do not charge for animating your home Shabbat, but we do welcome donations. Donations compensate our musicians and support our organization's efforts to promote Shabbat Hospitality.

To host, please contact us and request to host. We'll work with you to have a beautiful Shabbat gathering.

Anchor Host Program

Hosting is at the core of Panim Hadashot’s mission to bring people together through Shabbat Hospitality. To encourage Shabbat hosting, we have created a program called Anchor Hosts.

We are seeking experienced Shabbat hosts who would like to hold one or more home Shabbat gatherings with us each year.

If you want to join us in bringing people together through Shabbat Hospitality, please contact us.

Resources for Hosts

Every couple of months, Rabbi Gartenberg hosts a Shabbat gathering called "Narrated Shabbat Seder". Join him for this enjoyable evening of learning about the Shabbat home rituals and other traditions that can be part of a shared Shabbat meal. Check out the calendar for these Shabbat gatherings. Rabbi Gartenberg can also serve as a coach for new hosts for more hands-on help.

Online Resources

  • bimbam: BimBam sparks connections to Judaism through digital storytelling. Great source for videos on how to lead Shabbat rituals and many other Jewish topics.
  • OneTable: OneTable empowers people to build a consistent Shabbat dinner practice that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable. OneTable supports people who are looking for this powerful experience. We recommend their resources page, especially their Shabbat Guide.
    My Jewish Learning: A great resource for everything Jewish including information and resources on Shabbat hospitality.