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Home Shabbat Experiences

What is a Home Shabbat Experience?

A Home Shabbat Experience is a home Shabbat gathering around a meal created by the collaboration between a host and the Panim Hadashot-New Faces team. A Home Shabbat Experience offers a host an opportunity to bring family, friends, and new faces together for a intimate and beautiful Shabbat meal distinguished by  music and group singing, Jewish learning, or facilitated discussion. Our innovation is to come to your home and to bring a spirited and joyful Jewish experience that you can easily share with others in the spirit of Shabbat Hospitality. 

Panim Hadashot's expertise lies in our team of Shabbat Animators.  A Shabbat Animator "animates"-brings alive or enriches the experience of Shabbat at home.  We can do this any number of ways: with music and group singing, interactive Jewish learning, engaging facilitated conversation, or narrated journeys of the Shabbat Seder and rituals. Our Shabbat Animators can team up with all sorts of hosts:

  • Folks who want to enrich the way they do Shabbat at home. 
  • People who are looking to deepen their connection to Judaism. 
  • Parents who want to enrich their family Shabbat experience at home.
  • Families that want a special way to celebrate a milestone in honor of a loved one. 
  • Affinity groups that want a wonderful setting in which to gather together.
  • Intercultural groups that want to learn about the ancient Jewish Shabbat traditions. 

How to make your Home Shabbat Experience Hospitable? Panim Hadashot brings people together through Shabbat Hospitality.  We ask our hosts to invite a few new faces in addition to the circle of family and friends. New faces or Panim Hadashot in Hebrew alludes to an ancient hospitality tradition in Judaism of inviting new faces to a celebratory feast. We seek to revive that tradition.

About our New Faces Guest List: People interested in attending a Home Shabbat Experience as a new face can join our New Faces Guest List. This list is especially helpful for people who are new to Seattle, who want to connect to the Jewish community, or who simply seek a place to celebrate Shabbat with others.  Rabbi Dov acts as convener and matchmaker. If you are interested, go to the contact page and let us know you would like to be on the list.

It is not hard to host. We recommend easy ways to arrange for a shared meal and ideas on who to invite. Click LEARN MORE.

It is not costly to host. We request from prospective hosts an affordable voluntary donation to Panim Hadashot-(a registered non-profit). Your donations help us to build our team of animators and to offer this unique program all over Seattle. If finances or space is a challenge, we will work with you to overcome the challenges to host a beautiful gathering. 

You can create your own Home Shabbat Experiences Hosts can customize a Home Shabbat Experience to their preferences and interests. Click Customizing a Home Shabbat Experience

Are you considering hosting? Learn more about our Out of the Box Home Shabbat Experiences below. Send us a note at the Contact page and we will get back to you to answer any questions you have. 

See below for Home Shabbat Experiences we can bring to your home this season.  

Home Shabbat Experiences for Winter 2019

Home Shabbat Experience #1

New Songs of the Jewish People

Rabbi Dov and members of the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble introduce some of the new Jewish music including niggunim (wordless melodies), melodies from the Jewish Orient, and new compositions for Jewish prayers and expressions. You will be enthralled by their beauty and experience the joy of singing together with others. We advise prospective hosts to plan to have at least 10 guests with more the better.  Recommended donation to Panim Hadashot: $200.  

Home Shabbat Experience #2

Torah from the Wilderness: Home Torah Study and Conversation

Bring a choice group of friends and acquaintances to your table for some rich Torah from the Book of Exodus which is read in the synagogue during this time of year.  Rabbi offers an interactive study session in your home with texts, stories, and insights out of Jewish tradition, This Home Shabbat Experience is ideal for small groups of around 7 or more people. Recommended donation to Panim Hadashot: $54 (3 x 18 Chai). This Home Shabbat Experience is free for Subscribers.