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Home Shabbat Experiences

What are Home Shabbat Experiences?  Members of the Panim Hadashot-New Faces team, led by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, come to your home or community room to bring unique Shabbat experience for you and your guests.  All you need to host is to gather together a small group of at least seven, including yourselves.  You can host a Home Shabbat Experience at any one of the three traditional Shabbat meal times, Friday evening, Saturday lunch, or Saturday evening.

Below you can consider three different choices of Home Shabbat Experiences that you can do with us.  Or you can choose from two Featured Home Shabbat Experiences that we offer every month.  Any questions questions about hosting are addressed at our "Host" page on our website HERE.

Go for it!

See this season's Featured Home Shabbat Experiences or create your own:

Music and Singing Home Shabbat Experiences

Gather friends and welcome new faces with a singalong with the enthralling Jewish music of Panim Hadashot's Heart of Shabbat Ensemble.

Examples of past gatherings

  • Musical Shabbat Table: A Shabbat meal with live music and group singing of Jewish and American folksongs.
  • Family Musical Shabbat Table: Families gather to hear stories and sing Jewish melodies over a Shabbat meal.
  • The Niggun (A Hasidic Wordless Melody): A Singalong of Jewish Soul Music.

Study and Conversation Home Shabbat Experiences

Engaging Torah study or topical discussion around the Shabbat table.

Examples of past gatherings

  • What is Jewish Humor? A Serious Discussion.
  • Death over Shabbat Dinner: Exploring end of life issues across generations for family members. Facilitated by Rabbi Gartenberg.
  • Climate Change: A scientist from UW summarizes what we know and what we can do about it.

Home Shabbat Experiences for Affinity Groups

A Shabbat gathering that resonates with your group's shared common interests and life experiences.

Examples of past gatherings

  • A Narrated Shabbat Seder for Jews and non-Jewish Partners
  • Single Parents Shabbat
  • Muslims and Jews share Shabbat together
  • Shabbat for Family Caregivers: A Sabbath of Joyful Rest for Those Who Care for a Person Living with Mental Illness

Are you Interested in Hosting? 

We would love to team up with your for your Home Shabbat Experience.  It's easy to set up. Send us a message on our Contact us page. Rabbi Dov Gartenberg will respond within 48 hours of receiving your message.