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Customizable Home Shabbat Experiences

Home Shabbat Experiences can be customized. Below are examples of Home Shabbat Experiences we have down with hosts around Seattle. Go to the Contact page to suggest to us a customizable Home Shabbat Experience you would like to host.

We have grouped these experiences into three types.

Musical Home Shabbat Experiences

Share with your guests the joy of group singing facilitated by the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble of Panim Hadashot-New Faces.

Examples of previous Musical Home Shabbat Experiences

  • Musical Shabbat Table: A home Shabbat meal with live music and group singing of Jewish and American folksongs.
  • Camp Shabbat: Reliving Jewish summer camp with uptempo Jewish songs and joyful singing. Ideal for families and kids.
  • Niggun Circle or Jewish Soul Music: Singing wordless melodies out of the Hasidic tradition and the current renaissance in Niggun composition in America.

Study and Conversation Home Shabbat Experiences

Engaging Torah study or topical discussion around the Shabbat table.

Examples of previous Study Home Shabbat Gatherings

  • A Discussion of themes from the Week's Torah Portion
  • A Conversation on Jewish Teachings on Immigration and Asylum
  • A Narrated Shabbat Seder: Exploring the meaning of the ancient Sabbath meal rituals and customs.
  • Death over Shabbat Dinner: Exploring end of life issues across generations for family members. Facilitated by Rabbi Gartenberg.

Home Shabbat Experiences for Affinity Groups

A Shabbat gathering that resonates with your group's shared common interests and life experiences.

Examples of previous Affinity Group Home Shabbat Experiences

  • Single Parents Shabbat: Jewish teachings on single parenting.
  • Self-Care Shabbat for people and families living with mental illness: put on by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Eastside.