Panim Hadashot Singing Circle in Collaboration with SJCC Cultural Arts Program

A Singing Circle introducing 18 new melodies of the contemporary Jewish singing renaissance.

In collaboration with the SJCC Cultural Arts Program, Panim Hadashot will be doing a 6 week singing circle in contemporary Jewish song led by Michael Seidel, Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, and Ari Joshua, music director.  The six weeks of singing 18 songs will culminate in a community wide Shabbat celebration of song, music, and feasting on 2/23/18.  See the attached poster.  Go to this link to register.  LINK

Annual subscribers of Panim Hadashot get a 50% refund.

Open Torah Study with Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Enjoy stimulating Torah study with Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

  • 2018 Schedule: 2nd and 4th Shabbat afternoon of the month from 1:00 to 2:30
  • Dates through February 2018: 1/13, 1/27, 2/10, 2/24.
  • Location: at Panim Hadashot-New Faces Gathering place in the Greenwood Neighborhood in North Seattle. 115 N. 85th St. Suite 202, Seattle 98103.  
  • Free. Open to the Public.  Newcomers welcome.  Light Refreshment Served. 
  • RSVP: Please RSVP by sending an email to by the Friday before.

Open Torah Study explores the weekly Torah portion via traditional Jewish and modern commentaries aimed to engage the heart, challenge the mind, and stimulate the imagination.  The sessions are led by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg.

Our explorations start from a love of Torah, but are also informed by a modern understanding about how the Torah has evolved and is historically conditioned.    Both beginners and experienced students of the Torah will enjoy these sessions.  Please bring a Humash (5 Books of the Pentateuch) if you have one. If it is your first time, feel free to contact Rabbi Gartenberg at





January 2018 at Panim Hadashot

To Friends of Panim Hadashot-New Faces,
I wish you a happy secular new year. We are grateful for the support Panim Hadashot received in response to the year end appeal. The support of our growing community is gratifying and exciting.

January 2018 Update

  • Host a Shabbat in your home with the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble:  We invite you to become a Shabbat host through our Shabbat Hospitality Partnership Program.   Learn more HERE and reserve a date to experience the joy of Shabbat with your friends, family, and new faces.
  • New Panim Hadashot Singing Circle in collaboration with the Stroum JCC.  Click Here for details and Signup Info.  We are thrilled to introduce my coleader, Michael Seidel, who bring his considerable community singing skills.
  • You will love our Musical Shabbat Table on January 19th. We bring the joy back into Shabbat by doing a big “Shabbatluck” and the participatory music of the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble and the storytelling of Rabbi Dov Gartenberg.  This is free, child friendly, and a wonderful way to share Shabbat with others.  Details and RSVP HERE
  • Go to Limmud Seattle:   Motzai Shabbat 1/13 to Sunday evening, 1/14.  LINK to Register.  The Heart of Shabbat Ensemble will be co-leading the Havdallah on Saturday night and will be participating in the closing ceremony on Sunday evening. Rabbi Dov is teaching along with dozens of other wonderful teachers and topics.
  • Participatory Musical Shabbat Morning Minyan: Save the Date:  March 10th at our site in Greenwood, 115 N 85th St. Seattle, 98103. Contact Rabbi Dov at dov or text 206 739-9924  if you would like to read Torah or volunteer to help with organizing our first Shabbat morning minyan.

A lot is going on. We invite you to participate and experience the hospitality of Panim Hadashot.


Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Convener and Director of Panim Hadashot.


A Musical Shabbat Table-A MUST: Shabbat Hanukkah

Musical Shabbat Table and Hanukah Seder
Friday, 12/15 7:00pm
Greenwood Neighborhood, North Seattle
Works Progress Leaky Cauldron Dining Room
115 N. 85th St. Suite 202
Seattle, WA 98103
Imagine a room of tables full of friendly and interesting people, enjoying a delectable Shabbat feast punctuated with beautiful Jewish and Sabbath music played by fabulous jazz musicians along with stories and teachings interwoven with the music.
Our Musical Shabbat Table is an modern adaptation of the Hasidic Tish that takes place on Friday evening when the Hasidim sing in chorus in front of their Rebbe. Our version is egalitarian, is for all ages, features talented jazz musicians moving us to sing our favorite Jewish songs. We enjoy a “Shabbatluck” feast in which we all contribute dairy, vegan, or fish dishes. We offer supervised childcare adjacent to the main room to make it comfortable.  
On this Shabbat that falls on Hanukkah we will offer a special Hanukah Seder in 8 parts featuring different olive oils and breads interspersed with Shabbat and Hanukah music and singing by the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble. This unique event is free, but you must signup to bring a dish. Please reserve early to guarantee a seat.


Rabbi Dov Gartenberg,

Convener, Panim Hadashot-New Faceshen: Friday Eve, December 15, 2017 7-9:30pm

Where: Works Progress Dining Room, 115 N. 85th St. Suite 202, Seattle 98103. Greenwood.

Who: : All ages, Open to the pubic. No charge. Please RSVP.

RSVP and sign up for the “Shabbatluck”. CLICK HERE. Please sign up before Friday, 12/15.

Supervised Play Room for Children:  We will have a special room adjoining the dining hall for children 4 to 10 with supervision. Please RSVP HERE for your child.

A Beautiful Observation on the ‘Virtue’ of Hospitality


“Hospitality is a bridge to all the great


virtues, but it is immediately accessible.


You don’t have to love or forgive or feel


compassion to extend hospitality. But


it’s more than an invitation. It is the


creation of a safe, inviting, trustworthy


space — an atmosphere as much as


a place. It shapes the experience to


follow. It creates the intention, the


spirit, and the boundaries for what


is possible. As creatures, it seems,


we imagine a homogeneity in other


groups that we know not to be there


in our own. But new social realities


are brought into being over time by a


quality of relationship between unlikely


combinations of people. When in doubt,


practice hospitality”




From Krista Tippett


A Preview of a Hanukkah Seder in 8 Parts

Here is a preview of our Hanukkah Seder in 8 parts which will take place on Friday, 12/15.  This was written by the chef, Emily Moore, and me in 2006.  Send me a note if you are interested in the text of the “haggadah”.  For more information and signup links for the event, CLICK HERE.
Hanukkah and History:
The Meaning of Hanukkah through Olive Oils and Artisan Breads
An Original Seder of 8 Dippings with 8 Questions
With Shabbat and Hanukkah Music and Song by the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble
 Part 1
1st Dipping: Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Pumpkin Bread
1st Question: What was the Miracle of Hanukkah?
Part 2
2nd Dipping: Greek Olive Oil with Greek Pita
2nd Question: How was Hanukkah a Cultural/Religious War?
Part 3
3rd Dipping: Burnt Almond Oil with Lavash
3rd Question: What was the Cause of the Maccabean Revolt?
Part 4
4th Dipping: Robust Olive Oil with Bitter Aftertaste with Rosemary Bread
4th Question: Why Did Some Jews Choose Martyrdom?
Part 5
5th Dipping: Canola Oil with Cardamom and Sumac and Dark Rye
5th Question: Why Did Other Jews Choose Resistance?
Part 6
6th Dipping: Chile Infused Olive Oil with Roasted Garlic Bread
6th Question: Were the Maccabees Heroes or Zealots?
Part 7
7th Dipping: Lemon Infused Olive Oil with Rose Water and Challah
7th Question: What are the Historical Lessons of Hanukkah?
Part 8
8th Dipping: Rich Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Banana Walnut Bread.
8th Question: What are the Lessons of Hanukkah for Our Time?

December 2017 Message from Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

December 2017 Message from Rabbi Dov Gartenberg
Let’s get ready for Hanukah which starts on Tuesday evening, December 12th.  Panim Hadashot-New Faces holds a Hanukah celebration on Friday, December 15th with a unique Hanukah Seder, Shabbat meal, and our signature Shabbat Musical Table.  Our Hanuakah Seder will feature live music from the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble. The seder is in 8 brief parts, each featuring a combination of bread and olive oil blends and one illuminating text about the holiday. We will have child care and will once again offer a bountiful Shabbatluck.  Here are the Links: Shabbatluck RSVP. Childcare RSVP
We are busy planning for a great 2018 year.  I am planning on introducing some new hosting formats for our Shabbat Hospitality Program which will enable you to choose from more than 3 options including a “Shabbat Salon” format to a family Shabbat concert.  Stay tuned.
Another plan in the works is a musical Shabbat morning service following the success of our High Holiday musical services which blended traditional prayer leading with live music and participatory singing that enhanced the liturgy.
We will also be offering a new singing circle in collaboration with the Stroum Jewish Community Center starting in mid January and a collaboration with Moishe House.
There are two events outside Panim Hadashot that I strongly recommend you to consider.  The first is coming up very soon, but if you have the time and funds to go to the Community Singing Intensive with Joey Weisenberg, I cannot recommend it more enthusiastically. I will be going again.  It is a life changing four days of Jewish community singing led by a brilliant composer and teacher.  It has the qualities of a spiritual retreat, an inspiring religious service, and a mesmerizing singalong.
The other event is our first Limmud Seattle taking place on January 13-14th 2018.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to participate in unique Jewish learning experience with dozens of great teachers and the participation of people from all over the Jewish community.  I will be among the teachers participating.  Please join me and support this wonderful initiative.
Lastly, I hope you will support Panim Hadashot-New Faces  with a year end gift or an annual subscription. As you can see above, we are growing and thriving.  We want you to be a part of it!
Happy Hanukkah,
Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, Convener and Director
Panim Hadashot-New Faces

Discussion of the Book, On Tyranny by Timothy Shnyder

Join us for a vigorous discussion of the book, On Tyranny by Timothy Shnyder. Does the book help us during these chaotic times?

Join us for a discussion of the book, On Tyranny, by Timothy Shnyder facilitated by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg.  The book written by a distinguished American author, historian and academic specializing in the history of Central and Eastern Europe, and the Holocaust.  The book came out shortly after the election of Donald Trump and focused on the vulnerability of democratic republics to tyranny.  It is a short book with very practical advice on how to resist tyranny.  This is the book of the month for Panim Hadashot organized by the Facing the Radical Future Reading group.

Anyone who has read the book is welcome to join us for the discussion.