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Local ABQ Posting: A Shabbat Hospitality Initiative

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Dear CBIABQ members and Jews by Choice Students,

I want to call your attention to an innovative initiative called “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” AKA GUEST created by several CBI members. The goal of this initiative is to spark interest among our members in the mitzvah of Shabbat hospitality and to build support for the sharing of our Shabbat tables.  While we begin this project during the pandemic, our hope is that we can expand the program to in-person events when the all-clear signal is issued.

The first GUEST Shabbat event will take place on Friday evening, March 19th at 7-9pm after CBI Friday evening services.  

  • WHO ARE OUR HOSTS:  CBI members, Acy DeBois and Milt Lasoski.  Acy and Milt's were married 16 years ago in Jerusalem.   Sixteen years later they are still happy and still love celebrating Shabbat with guests of all ages!!!  Acy is a retired lawyer learning two musical instruments.  Milt retired as a VA psychologist and has a small private practice, with time to indulge his interest in history and world events.  
  • VIRTUAL ZOOM DINNER:   This Shabbat dinner will be a Zoom event. Participants prepare their own Shabbat meal (or purchase precooked meals from Gourmet to Go.)
  • ORGANIZED AROUND A CONVERSATION:  We gather over a conversation topic. Acy and Milt have chosen Stories from our Passover Table. You will have a chance to share your favorite or most memorable Seder experience.
  • FEATURING FRIDAY NIGHT SHABBAT RITUALS: The conversation will take place amid the rituals of a Friday evening Shabbat meal.  This will include the traditional Shabbat table rituals of Shalom Aleichem, Blessings, Kiddush, Washing, and Motzi  We will sing at least one Shabbat table melody.  Lastly, we will conclude with the Birkat Hamazon.
  • YOU ARE INVITED:  Acy and Mit have opened their table to 4 Zoom guests (households who will sign in on one computer).  Any CBI member and any person studying for conversion to Judaism with Rabbi Gartenberg can signup. Please write to Rabbi Gartenberg at if you are not a member, but would like to come to this or future GUEST events,
  • WHO ELSE IS COMING: Rabbi Gartenberg will be one of the guests along with three other households who are friends of Acy and Milt. We will have a total of 9 households.  
  • HOW DO I SIGN UP? Click on this LINK.  The sign up is on a first come, first served basis. Signed up guests will receive the zoom link before the event. 
  • PARTICIPATING IN FUTURE GUEST EVENTS:  While we expect this event on March 19 to fill up fast, we will save your names for future GUEST Shabbat events coming after Passover. If you find the guest list is full for the above event, click on this LINK to sign up for waiting list. 

Please write or call Acy at if you have more questions about this lovely initiative. 

Shalom Uvracha,

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

CBI GUEST Initiative LINK or

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I want to also point your attention to my personal blog at this link: Panim Hadashot: New Faces Blog – by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg. For the time being I will be using this blog to post messages on a more frequent basis than the once-a-week Thursday CBI message. I will post copies of my regular messages as well.  The advantage of the blog is that you can comment after posts and others can read your comments along with my posts. I will moderate the comments to maintain civility and to advance the conversation. I believe a rabbi’s blog is an important way to maintain an interactive conversation about our community. I hope that CBI will establish a rabbi’s blog for this purpose in the future.