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An Incredible Purim and Jewish Resource

You should know about Hadar.  Hadar empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing, egalitarian communities of TorahAvodah, and Hesed. I get Hadar’s mailings and have taken many of their classes and musical workshops.

This week they sent out a playlist for Purim assembled by their wonderful Rising Song Institute fellows. You must look at their Spotify Purim playlist of 177 songs. (I subscribe to Spotify to hear new Jewish music, and for all my musical interests.) The playlist is called “A Trip to Shushan: Purim Vibes.”  It will completely blow your mind to listen to the variety of Purim music from Israel, the United States, and around the world. The Hadar folks have also added music to their playlist of songs not composed for Purim, but that fits perfectly with the themes of the Megillat Esther. An example is Taj Mahal’s “Keep Your Hands Off Her.”

 Be prepared to be delighted and overwhelmed. Purim will never be the same. I hope to use selections from the list from our online Megillah reading on Thursday night. Here is a link to their Spotify Purim Playlist. A Trip in/to Shushan (Purim Vibes) - playlist by Rising Song Records | Spotify. You may need to be a Spotify subscriber to access this amazing list. 

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