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I No Longer Believe in the Jewish State by Peter Beinart

Posted in the NY Times, July 9, 2020

This article is worth reading because Peter Beinart is a very influential liberal American Jewish critic of Israel's policies. While I am still a retro believer in the Two State Solution, Beinart joins a growing list of folks on the left and the right who despair or celebrate the demise of the Oslo accords and the Two State Solution it promotes. If the two state solution is really dead, then Israel will become an apartheid state. Or alternatively, Israel will eventually give full rights to the Palestinians in the territories and Gaza making it a single democratic state.

I think this article is a must read because of Beinart's argument that early Zionists did not envision a state, but hoped for a thriving Jewish homeland. 'I believe Beinart is correct in identifying the trauma of the Holocaust as a source for later Zionist's insistence for a Jewish state out of fear of a possibility of another genocide perpetrated by the many enemies of Israel in the region at the time. I recall a story about Isaiah Liebowitz , the great Israeli philosopher, told by Rabbi David Hartman, about his comments to a group of sympathetic Christian clergy. Liebowitz suggested that the only reason for the creation of Israel was to protect the Jews from the goyim.

I believe hardliners on both sides would scuttle with great violence a move toward a single state solution with equal rights for Palestinians. But I do not see or support the emergence of apartheid state of Israel with millions of Palestinians deprived of their rights. Beinart is saying that his single state solution with full Palestinian and Israeli political rights is the inevitable outcome now that the two state solution is dead.

The article in the Times is based on a longer article that appeared in Jewish Currents on Tuesday. It is more detailed and fully argued. LINK

I recommend this piece for discussion and debate. Share with me your thoughts about the piece.

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

July 9, 2020.

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