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Rabbi Richard Levy, Z’al

Rabbi Richard Levy was a Rabbi's Rabbi

Rabbi Richard Levy, one of my mentors and rabbinic guides passed away on June 21, 2019. He was a remarkable man in his goodness, his wisdom, his insight, and his leadership. He was a leading Reform Rabbi who worked in the Hillel setting in Los Angeles and then went on to leadership roles in the Reform Movement.

Richard played a central role in my choosing to become a Rabbi when I met him in 1973 after my freshman year at college. He taught a class on the literature of the Holocaust. His powerful commentary and his empathy for suffering of the victims of the holocaust deeply moved me. During the class I met with him several times He was not only a great listener, but a man of great depth. He helped me through many challenges then and in subsequent years. I so admired his qualities, that I began to seriously consider the rabbinate as a future career. For me he was a Rabbi's Rabbi.

Over the decades I kept up with Richard and followed his career as a leader in the Reform Movement. I also know that Richard was a support for countless colleagues and inspired many young people to enter the rabbinate of all the denominations. But most of all, I found him to be a wise counselor and a caring heart. He was a remarkable man. We have suffered a great loss, but have been blessed by a magnificent life.

You can read more about his career here:

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg