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What is a Shabbat Animator?

A key part of our Home Shabbat Experience that Panim Hadashot offers is the presence of a 'Shabbat Animator'.  A Shabbat Animator "animates"-brings alive the experience of Shabbat at home.  Rabbi Dov Gartenberg is our lead Shabbat Animator. He has a mastery of Shabbat table music and folksongs. As a rabbi has has great knowledge of Jewish texts and culture. He has over 30 years of experience working with large and small groups. He has also hosted hundreds of Shabbat meals at his table.

Panim Hadashot-New Faces is in the process of training new Shabbat Animators. Panim Hadashot just received an Ignition Grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle to train new Shabbat Animators who can be available to lead Home Shabbat Experiences. Stay tuned to announcements and profiles of our new Shabbat Animators. If you are interested in becoming a Shabbat Animator, contact Rabbi Dov Gartenberg.