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What is a Hanukkah Seder?

What is a Hanukkah Seder?
A Seder, think Passover Seder, is a ritually ordered feast that features symbolic foods, dramatic rituals, sensory stimulation, and a collection of provocative texts that engenders questions, conversation, and insight. Judaism features not only the Passover Seder, but other Sedarim (plural) that create rich spiritual experiences around a shared meal.
Rabbi Dov Gartenberg built on this ancient Jewish tradition to create an original Hanukkah Seder. The Seder is organized around eight questions tied to ancient texts connected to the festival. Each question also features a dipping of a piece of different artisan breads into distinctly flavored olive or other oils to create a rich sensory experience of Hanukkah.
The ritual flow of the seder offers an opportunity to participants to experience a more subtle story about the historical/religious festival we call Hanukkah. This multidimensional Hanukkah Seder transports us deep into Jewish history and imagination, creating a unique adult experience of Hanukkah that will open up its meaning and dilemmas for us today.
When: Friday, 12/7/18
Where: WeWork Lincoln Square (pictured above)
How Much: $18 per person to preregister. Preregistration is required to be able to attend.
Who: This is a community event of Panim Hadashot-New Faces

To learn more and to preregister for the Hanukkah Seder, Click HERE