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A Brief Description of the Questions and Dippings of Rabbi Gartenberg’s Hanukkah Seder

8 Questions and 8 Dipping’s of the Hanukkah Seder by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

A Hanukkah Oil Lamp Menorah Suspended in the Air in Jerusalem


1st Dipping:

What was the miracle of Hanukah? A Debate within Judaism

A piece of winter bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil

Effect: Tasting olive oil, the central food of Hanukkah

2nd Dipping

How was Hanukah a war of cultures?

A piece of Greek pita dipped in almond oil.

Effect: A culinary mixing of cultures

3rd Dipping

What was the cause of the Jewish revolt against Antiochus?

A piece of flatbread cracker or lavash dipped burnt almond oil

Effect: The searing taste of persecution.

4th Dipping

Why did some Jews choose to die for God?

A piece of rosemary bread dipped in a mixed oil with chives, roasted onions, sage leaves.

Effect: An initial pleasant taste with a distinct and long lasting aftertaste.

5th Dipping

Why did other Jews choose the path of resistance over martyrdom?

A piece of dark rye dipped in a mixed oil of cardamom and sumac oil

Effect: A sour taste

6th Dipping

Theme: Were the Maccabees heroes or zealots?

A piece of roasted garlic bread dipped in a mixed oil with cinnamon, cumin, fresh green chiles

Effect: Delayed burn from the chiles.

7th Dipping

What is the Historical Legacy of Hanukah?

A piece of Challah dipped in the mixed oil of bitter lemon with rose water.

Effect: Scent is good. Not as bitter

8th Dipping

Theme: What are the Modern Lessons Hanukah for Our Times?

A piece of sweet, fruity bread dipped in a fruity extra virgin olive oil.

Effect: A rich fruity taste