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Consider Panim Hadashot-New Faces on Giving Tuesday

As Giving Tuesday arrives, consider giving some of your Tzdekah allotment to a special Jewish non-profit that opens doors, welcomes strangers, and shares Shabbat with unique joyfulness.

You have the opportunity to support and sustain Panim Hadashot-New Faces in one of two ways.

The first way is by a monthly subscription. Consider setting aside $15 a month or more, the cost of a light dinner out, to enable Panim Hadashot to beautify and open up Shabbat in homes all around Seattle. By subscribing you sustain our capacity to bring this unique gift to the Jewish community, to rediscover the mitzvah of Shabbat hospitality. Below is a picture from one of our monthly Community Shabbat Gatherings with musicians from our Heart of Shabbat Ensemble in the background in front of a crowd of happy people enjoying the Shabbat.  Click on the picture to be taken to our "Subscribe" page to sign up to become a monthly subscriber,

Shabbat Group Singing led by the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble on a recent Friday night at WeWork Lincoln Square South in Bellevue, Washington. Click on this picture to be taken to our "Subscribe Page".

The second way is to give a single gift as an expression of support for the new energy that Panim Hadashot-New Faces brings to Jewish community and beyond. Last month our ensemble led a sing-along of songs from the American and Jewish song book for NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) Eastside. Sharing the tradition of Shabbat table singing brought comfort and joy to people living in the shadow of mental illness. We shared a spiritual resource that is available for finding joy and meaning in our lives.

Your donation helps us to illumine and renew people's lives, to expose them to a great spiritual resource that flows out of our tradition.  Help us to share the healing and restorative quality of Shabbat with Jews and the wider community. Click on the picture below to be taken to the donate page at our website.

Shoshana and Ben, hosts for a Home Shabbat Experience Havdallah on October 6th for single parent families. Click on this picture to be taken to our Donate Page.

Thank you in advance for dedicating a portion of your giving resources to Panim Hadashot-New Faces.

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Convener and Director of Panim Hadashot-New Faces