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Featured Home Shabbat Experiences, Fall 2018

What are Home Shabbat Experiences?  Members of the Panim Hadashot-New Faces team, led by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, come to your home or community room to bring a unique Shabbat experience for you and your guests.  All you need to host is to gather together a small group of at least seven, including yourselves.  You can host a Home Shabbat Experience at any one of the three traditional Shabbat meal times, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon lunch, or Saturday evening with a Havdallah (Shabbat ending ritual).

Home Shabbat Experience in Leschi during the summer of 2017. The Heart of Shabbat Ensemble is sharing Shabbat music and leading singing at a Friday night potluck meal.

We invite you to host a Home Shabbat Experience.  Each month we feature Home Shabbat Experiences that our team have prepared to bring to hosts.. Check them out below.  Learn more about hosting a  Home Shabbat Experience HERE.

Panim Hadashot-New Faces features two Home Shabbat Experiences  each month during the fall.

Featured Home Shabbat Experiences, October 2018

Praying with Your Feet: A.J. Heschel's Teachings on Protest and Resistance

As the election nears, Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, offers a teaching and facilitates discussion on what we can learn from one of the greatest Jewish figures of the 20th century. Recommended # of guests: 6-10. Recommended donation to Panim Hadashot: $50.

A Musical Shabbat Table with the Songs of Leonard Cohen

We observe Leonard Cohen's 2nd Yahrzeit with a special evening of singing  Cohen's greatest songs accompanied our by the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble.  Recommended # of guests: 10 and up. Recommended donation: $200.  It is not impolite to invite friends to share in the donation.

Featured Home Shabbat Experiences, November 2018 through December 8th

An Original Chanukah Seder

Chanukah begins at the start of December, so Panim Hadashot-New Faces will offer a unique experience to explore the deeper themes of the festival. Rabbi Dov wrote an original Seder combining oils, breads, texts, and songs to tell old and new stories about Chanukah. Great for discussion and full of surprises.  Recommended # or guests, 8 and up. Recommended donation to Panim Hadashot, $100.

A Musical Shabbat Table for Chanukah

A Musical Shabbat Table Featuring Chanukah Music and Songs from the Land of Israel.  In honor of Chanukah, the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble will delight you with our blend of new and old Jewish music to sing together. Recommended #of guests, 8 and up. Recommended donation for an ensemble of two, $200.

Set Up a Home Shabbat Experience

Send us a message If you would like to gather a group of friends to have one a Home Shabbat Experience in your home or community room on a Shabbat in this fall. Click on