What is Panim Hadashot-The Heart of Shabbat?

פנים חדשות-Panim Hadashot
The Heart of Shabbat

Updated Vision Statement 9/9/15

The mission of Panim Hadashot* is to create a Sabbath-centered community, involving meaningful practices that transform the Sabbath into a joyful spiritual and ethical practice in our lives.

We believe that a rich Shabbat practice is a path toward opening the heart, connecting us to others, fostering compassion and building personal resilience. Arthur Green, one of the leading figures of modern Jewish thought, has observed that the Jewish Sabbath “is the best gift Judaism has to offer the world.” The rest, revival, and renewal of the Sabbath can help us to reduce our anxiety, overcome our sorrows, and mend our broken hearts.  Shabbat allows us to build the spiritual strength that enables us to contribute toward repair (tikun) of the brokenness of the human condition that we encounter.

Panim Hadashot, meaning “new face” in Hebrew, is a Talmudic term that connotes joyful hospitality.  In later Jewish literature Panim Hadashot emerges as a name for the Sabbath itself.   These texts embody the Sabbath as a beautiful new face welcomed with love each Friday evening.  The Jewish people and the Sabbath are imagined as two lovers meeting again after a prolonged absence.

We seek to instill this love of the Sabbath by offering a full Shabbaton over one Shabbat each month, which will feature both new and old Shabbat practices, including:

  • Musical services that invite participation, featuring new and old melodies
  • Sabbath feasts combining great food, experience and explanation of table rituals, and enlivening table talk that will move us into a more communal experience
  • Shabbat Torah study, which engages the curious mind and provides insight into issues that touch our lives.
  • Mindfulness meditation teachings and practices incorporated into the experience of Shabbat prayer and Shabbat rest

This non-residential retreat begins Friday evening and runs through the end of Shabbat. People can join us for as many activities as they would like. We believe that this “wall to wall” Shabbat experience will enhance participants’ observance of the Sabbath and be a unique contribution to Jewish life in Seattle.

We invite you to experience Shabbat through Panim Hadashot and to join us in shaping and implementing our vision. For more information, visit our website panimhadashot.org or contact us at 907 314-0810 or panimhadashot@gmail.com.

* Pronounced Paa-neem Chod-ah-shot.panim_01-04