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Bringing People Together through Shabbat Hospitality

Panim Hadashot is Closing It's Doors

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Doing Hospitality is Greater than Receiving the Divine Presence.

– The Babylonian Talmud, 6th century

Why is this so? Because connection with the Divine Presence is infrequent, but connecting with the Divine Image embodied by a person can happen at any time.

– Rabbi Yehudah Loew of Prague, 16th century

Panim Hadashot-New Faces is a unique initiative that facilitates people coming together through Shabbat Hospitality. Panim Hadashot teams up with hosts all around Seattle by enhancing home Shabbat gatherings with participatory music and song, interactive Torah study, or facilitated conversations around shared meals.  In addition to teaming up with hosts, Panim Hadashot offers Panim Hadashot Shabbat gatherings in which "new faces are always welcome".
Unlike a conventional synagogue, our focus centers on Shabbat hospitality and sharing meals together. We serve the entire Jewish community and anyone interested in discovering the rich Jewish traditions around the shared Sabbath meal.  Rediscover with us the authentic Jewish spiritual combination of rest, renewal, joy, and fellowship that comes with Shabbat hospitality.