What We Do

Updated January 17, 2017

Through our Shabbat Hosting Partnership Program, we join with hosts all around Seattle to create beautiful Shabbat experiences in their homes and common spaces. Our aim is to promote Shabbat hospitality by sharing with our hosts an authentically beautiful Sabbath experience featuring participatory Jewish song and music, enlivening conversation, and a joyful feast.   Our unique approach reflects our view that the home and hospitality are at the center of the Jewish way of life.  Panim Hadashot-New Faces is organized to help hosts of all backgrounds enhance their practice of hospitality and to encourage the inclusion of new faces to share in the joy and fellowship of Shabbat.

Panim Hadashot-New Faces fashions unique Shabbat experiences through our Heart of Shabbat Ensemble, led by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg and Master Jazz Guitarist Ari Joshua. We delight our hosts and guests through song that is inviting and participatory. A sampling of our Shabbat music can will be posted by the end of January 2017 at this website.   Rabbi Gartenberg also enlivens every Shabbat event with engaging Jewish teachings that speak to our times and stimulate rich conversation And of course, the gastronomic delights of a Sabbath table helps to bring people together to create new friendships and deepen old relationships.

In addition to our Shabbat Hosting Partnership Program, Rabbi Gartenberg offers study opportunities that are listed at this website.   We are also engaged in Tikun Olam activities (Repairing the World) with focus on mental health awareness, support and education within the Jewish community. We use our unique musical talents to bring joy to people suffering from mental illness, disability, and aging. Rabbi Gartenberg is a mental health advocate and offers support groups through JFS and NAMI for family members caring for a loved one living with a mental illness.

We see ourselves as an emerging community and budding network of hosts. To further build our community we are working on an innovative model of association as an alternative model to the standard synagogue membership to be introduced early in 2017. Panim Hadashot is not a synagogue, but we encourage synagogue membership and affiliation with the Jewish community. Affiliation and support of Panim Hadashot is one way of connecting and enhancing one’s relationship to Jewish communal life. We hope we will be worthy of your support.

As our Shabbat Hosting Partnerships grow in popularity we will be experimenting with activities that are open to the whole community which feature The Heart of Shabbat Ensemble and teachings offered by Rabbi Gartenberg. Join our email list below and stay tuned or get involved.