Why subscription?

Membership is the common term for association with synagogues. To distinguish Panim Hadashot-New Faces from synagogues we use the term subscriber, in Hebrew Torem-תורם.   The Hebrew word, ‘Terumah’ has the same root as Torem and is also the name of a weekly portion in the Book of Exodus. Terumah means “elevated” offering/gift or donation.

Tormim/Subcribers are those committed to giving a gift of support our endeavor to revitalize Shabbat home hospitality and to support the innovative approaches we utilize to build community. Tormim/Subscribers help to make our iniatives and our innovations to Jewish life sustainable.

In modern Hebrew, a Torem is a subscriber with the weight on the English meaning. We understand subscriber in both of the senses below.

  1. a person who regularly contributes money to a fund, project, or cause
  2. A person who pays to support a public or communal service to and may receive some benefits for doing so.

We are indebted to how public radio uses the term subscriber. Public radio is a good you could enjoy without paying a thing and many people do. But many others such as myself pay a subscription to support NPR. I also can enjoy the many good things NPR provides and even get some benefits, but fundamentally I know that I am helping to sustain this invaluable service for the wider public.

Panim Hadashot-New Faces serves the entire Jewish community in our commitment to spreading the joy of Shabbat and hospitality to Jews of diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods. We need the help of subscribers who value what we do to bring this communal good to as many as possible.

Our annual subscription is affordable (much less than synagogue membership) to make it easy to subscribe. We also will provide some concrete benefits for subscribers in appreciation for their support.

Get basic information on our annual subscription which we call a Terumah, go HERE

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