Why Subscription?

Membership is the common term for association with synagogues. To distinguish Panim Hadashot-New Faces from synagogues we use the term subscriber, in Hebrew Torem-תורם.   The Hebrew word, ‘Terumah’ has the same root as Torem. Terumah means “elevated” offering/gift or donation.

We understand subscriber in both of the senses below.

  1. a person who regularly contributes money to a fund, project, or cause
  2. A person who pays to support a public or communal service to and may receive some benefits for doing so.

We are indebted to how public radio uses the term subscriber. Public radio is a good you could enjoy without paying a thing and many people do. But many others such as myself pay a subscription to support NPR. I also can enjoy the many good things NPR provides and even get some benefits, but fundamentally I know that I am helping to sustain this invaluable service for the wider public.

Panim Hadashot-New Faces serves the entire Jewish community in our commitment to spreading the joy of Shabbat and hospitality to Jews of diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods. We need the help of subscribers who value what we do to bring this communal good not only to our subscribers, but the wider community as well. We will always invite everyone we touch to subscribe, but know that not everyone will.

Please see the benefits of subscription below.

Our Relationship to Other Jewish Institutions

Our annual subscription is affordable (much less than synagogue membership).  We wanted to make our subscriptions affordable for those who enjoy Panim Hadashot-New Faces as an alternative to synagogue membership.  We also keep our subscriptions affordable for people who have made financial commitments to a synagogue or day school and but also want to enjoy the unique community wide approach we take.   We do not see synagogues/day schools and Panim Hadashot as an either or proposition.

Annual Subscription Options

    1. An Standard Annual Subscription-Terumah is $180. The period of subscription goes from the date you make the subscription to the same date the following year. Subscriptions cover the household of two including children.

    2. A Matching Subscription. For $360 you can help us bring the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble to bring Shabbat joy and share hospitality with seniors, persons with special needs, or to Jewish groups with limited resources. Your donation helps us support our fabulous musicians to bring our music to a wider circle. We will let you know how we used your matching donation to bring joy to others.
    3. Subscription Plus. We welcome subscription plus donations over $360 to help Panim Hadashot grow and become sustainable. The first $360 will be applied to a matching subscription.

    4. Discounted Subscriptions: If you wish to pay for the subscription over 2-4 payments or if you are on a limited income, please contact Rabbi Gartenberg directly at or call 206 257-1996 so we can help you become a subscriber.

    Subscribe by mail and check:  Click HERE

    All subscribers gain the following benefits:

    1. If you subscribe before September 20, 2017 you will receive two reserved seats for your household at Panim Hadashot-New Faces High Holidays in Fall 2017.  If later you will get two reserved seats for the 2018 High Holidays.
    2. On call rabbinic support of Rabbi Dov Gartenberg including life cycle events, counseling, and emergencies.
    3. Priority and short notice scheduling for your Shabbat Home Event with the Heart of Shabbat Ensemble.
    4. Volunteer and leadership opportunities within Panim Hadashot-New Faces and help shape our unique approach to Jewish community.