Open Festival Home Hospitality Event Dates

Updated as of 10/17/17

Dates that are already reserved will indicate an event and a general location. To reserve a date, CLICK HERE


1st Night of Hanukah, Tuesday, December 12th  Open

2nd Night of Hanukah, Wednesday, December 13th Open

3rd Night of Hanukah, Thursday, December 14th Open

4th Night of Hanuakh, Friday, December 15th: Community Kabbalat Shabbat/Hanukah Celebration

5th Night of Hanukah and Havdalah, December 16th, Hanukkah Seder in Mercer Island

6th Night of Hanukah, Sunday December 17th Tentative Community Collaboration with Kehilah Havurah in Woodinville.

7th Night of Hanukah, Monday, December 18th

8th Night of Hanukah, Tuesday, December 19th