NAMI Family to Family Class sponsored by Panim Hadashot-New Faces

NAMI Family-to-Family is a free, 12-session educational program for family, significant others and friends of people living with mental illness. This particular class led by Rabbi Gartenberg is geared for Jewish families experiencing a loved one’s serious mental illness.

Who will be Serene and Who Will be Troubled: A Rabbi and Family Member Speaks about Mental Illness

Who Will Be Serene and Who Will Be Troubled? A Rabbi and a Family Member Speaks about Mental Illness Rabbi Dov Gartenberg Adapted for Congregation Beth Shalom, Shabbat August 5, 2017   I would like to dedicate this derasha to two family members. First I dedicate my words in honor of my son, Mori Gartenberg … Continue reading “Who will be Serene and Who Will be Troubled: A Rabbi and Family Member Speaks about Mental Illness”

Social Action

Our emphasis on Shabbat hospitality includes a deep commitment to a pluralistic society that honors and protects human rights.  Rabbi Gartenberg is a member of T’ruah: Rabbis for Human Rights. He has taken strong stands for preserving and improving the Affordable Care Act and is a fierce advocate for action on Climate Change.  He participated … Continue reading “Social Action”

Building Community

Our Current Program Lineup  April 2017 Most of these programs are listed in the calendar as they occur. To participate in our Home Hospitality Programs such as Shabbat Hosting Partnerships, please contact Rabbi Gartenberg at or click on this link. Our Home Hospitality Centered Programs Shabbat Hosting Partnerships-We collaborate with hosts to practice Shabbat … Continue reading “Building Community”

An Elul Letter from Rabbi Dov Gartenberg on Mental Illness and the Seattle Jewish Community

Monday, August 24, 2015/ 9 Elul, 5775 Dear friends, During the upcoming Days of Awe we will chant the haunting prayer, Unetaneh Tokef. The famous dyads of this prayer reveal the existential anxieties of our ancestors. I am writing to you about three of the dyads which have absorbed my attention during my adult life. … Continue reading “An Elul Letter from Rabbi Dov Gartenberg on Mental Illness and the Seattle Jewish Community”

Sukkot Message 2017

Sukkot is called in the liturgy “the season of our joy”-zman simchateinu. Honestly, it does not feel in the world as a season of joy. Our hearts go out to the devastated inhabitants of Puerto Rico and to the victims and their families of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas. (Please continue to donate … Continue reading “Sukkot Message 2017”

Please Invite Us to Your Home for Shabbat!

September 2017, Elul 5777  To my fellow Jews,   Please invite us to your home for Shabbat!  I know this sounds hutzpidik (audacious), but we would like to team up with you to create a wonderful experience of Sabbath joy and to share with you the beautiful practice and mitzvah of Shabbat hospitality. I invite … Continue reading “Please Invite Us to Your Home for Shabbat!”

Is Panim Hadashot a Synagogue?

How we are not like a synagogue? By focusing on Shabbat Home Hospitality, we serve the entire Jewish community. We help other synagogues to build their hospitality and community singing cultures. We reach out to underserved Jews and Jewish communities. We are intentionally non-denominational. We invite people to subscribe, not to join. We support multiple … Continue reading “Is Panim Hadashot a Synagogue?”

What is Jewish Hospitality?

Panim Hadashot-New Faces is a community focused on the practice of Jewish hospitality. The Jewish hospitality traditions go back to Abraham and Sarah in chapter 18 of the Book of Genesis. Abraham greets and feeds guests soon after he had circumcised himself. The Rabbis saw his readiness to welcome guests even when he was physically … Continue reading “What is Jewish Hospitality?”