You are Invited: A Musical Shabbat Table-A MUST, Friday eve, November 17th

Dear friends,

Imagine a room of tables full of friendly and interesting people, enjoying a delectable Shabbat feast punctuated with beautiful Jewish and Sabbath music played by fabulous jazz musicians along with stories and teachings interwoven with the music.

Our Musical Shabbat Table is an modern adaptation of the Hasidic Tish that takes place on Friday evening when the Hasidim sing in chorus in front of their Rebbe. Our version is egalitarian, is for all ages, features talented musicians moving us to sing our favorite Jewish songs, and storytelling and words of Torah that inspire. We enjoy a “Shabbatluck” feast in which we all contribute dairy, vegan, or fish dishes. We offer supervised childcare adjacent to the main room to make it comfortable.

This is a unique Shabbat and Jewish experience comfortable whether you are culturally or religiously oriented.  If you are in the mood for a spiritual, enlivening, joyful, engaging, and memorable Shabbat experience, you will not want to miss the Musical Shabbat Table -MUST. Experience the joy of Shabbat and Jewish hospitality of Panim Hadashot-New Faces.

I hope you can join us. Links to participate are below.

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg,

Convener, Panim Hadashot-New Faces


When: Friday Eve, November 17th 7-9:30pm

Where: Works Progress Dining Room, 115 N. 85th St. Suite 202, Seattle 98103. Greenwood.

Who: : All ages, Open to the pubic.

How Much? No charge.  Please contribute a dish. RSVP and sign up for the Veggie/Dairy/Fish “Shabbatluck”. CLICK HERE. Please sign up before Friday, 11/17.

Childcare? Supervised Play Room for Children:  We will have a special room adjoining the dining hall for children 4 to 10 with supervision. Please RSVP HERE for your child.