Panim Hadashot – New Faces

A New Community Centered on Jewish Hospitality

Panim Hadashot- פנים חדשות (pronounced “Paw-neem Chaw-daw-shote) means “new faces” in Hebrew.  It is an old Jewish term associated with hospitality, the act of inviting new faces to share our joy.  Our unique community, Panim Hadashot-New Faces, exists to foster Jewish hospitality as an essential way of living Jewishly.  We make this practice real by sharing the Jewish Sabbath in our homes and at our tables as an act of loving kindness and a commitment to welcoming new faces.

Upcoming Event:

Panim Hadashot Hosted Kabbalat Shabbat Event

Host: Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

Date: Friday evening, September 30, 2016  6pm Musical Kabbalat Shabbat 7-9pm Shabbat Dinner

Type of meal: dairy/parve potluck. See below for instructions.

Location: Stroum Jewish Community Activity Room, Mercer Island

Contact:  206 739-9924,

Brief Description:  I am hosting an informal Friday evening at the J since my home is not ideal for hosting right now.  Ari Joshua and I will share a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat service featuring melodies from the Jewish Oriental tradition.  At 7pm we will sit for a fun Shabbat dinner with more opportunities to sing including a some melodies from the upcoming holidays.

  1. Dress code is casual.
  2. Bring two dishes to share — an entree and a side — at least enough to feed your family plus a couple of other folks.
  3. Desserts are left to the imagination of the attendees. If you have a dessert you’d like to share, bring it.
  4. Send RSVPs to by Friday morning, 9/30.
  5. Most important – come over and have a good time!